Future Voyages

GSI/UCR Global Leadership Academic Program

Summer Institute 2014: Latin America

A 3-4 week global leadership program is under development and will focus on Latin America. This regional-based program will have courses on global leadership and peace and conflict studies and include a sea component and residency on land. GSI has built a strong relationship with the City of Knowledge in Panama, several UN regional agencies and leaders in international trade, education, eco-tourism, indigenous rights and global climate change. GSI will build on the successful 2012-13 program conducted in Panama, Cuba and the Caribbean. (pending)

Semester-long Program: 2014-2015

GSI’s semester-long Global Leadership Program is a rigorous 15-unit semester-long academic curriculum delivered at sea and in world ports. It is combined with GSI’s service and work programs and cultural exchange and peace building activities. The first voyage will take place in 2014-15 and is currently in development.

The Program includes 15-20 ports during each voyage and provides students with an opportunity to live in a transnational knowledge community, interact with leaders from the public and private sectors and learn first-hand about critical global issues, conflict and solutions.

GSI will begin by offering two certificates: International Management and Peace & Conflict Studies. Each certificate is developed in 3 modules: Understanding Global Leadership (course is taken throughout the semester.) It will focus on an understanding of global issues, the promotion of critical thinking, and the development of cross-cultural communications skills. This course will give all of the participants a shared understanding of stewardship and global leadership.

The Mod A curriculum includes, Negotiations, Mediation and Conflict Resolution in a Global Context, and International Relations and Law (~6 weeks) and Mod B curriculum includes 2 courses related to the certificate (~6-weeks). For example:

Future Outlook

Over the next several years, four other certificates will be offered in the Global Leadership Program including, Sustainable Development & Enterprise, International Relations & Law, World Cultures & Social Change, and Coastal & Marine Management. Mod B courses include:

GSI is working in partnership with the University of California, Riverside. Participants in the Global Leadership Program will receive a certificate from GSI; and qualified students will earn credits from the program from UCR, which may be transferrable to graduate programs in the U.S. and around the world.