The Shellback Society

GSI’s Global Network of Future Global Leaders

The Shellback Society (TSS) is an international, community-initiated program of the Global Stewards Institute. It serves not only as its alumni association, but also as GSI’s volunteer arm. TSS volunteers and community members work with GSI’s faculty and staff and serve as Peer-Mentors on service and work programs.

The Shellback Society utilizes networks to support ‘global citizens’ — individuals who seek an understanding of international spaces, places and peoples, and who implement this knowledge to create a better world for all. TSS believes that it is important that individuals, groups and organizations work together to affect positive social change. It seeks to utilize networks to support meaningful professional and social relationships and offer opportunities to participate in transformative inter-cultural humanitarian service projects, global networking, international employment and travel.

The Shellback Society believes that ultimately, these experiences create an impetus to join forces with a global community that truly feels respect for and a responsibility toward the whole planet and the people and creatures who share it.

The Shellback Society promotes the following:

Service Programs: In addition to planning and executing service projects, our volunteers and community members continuously network with like-minded organizations to participate and develop service opportunities around the world.

Community Programs: TSS provides a framework to maintain and expand our network of world citizens through social media and community events. These outlets provide a venue for our members to publicize their philanthropic activities, collaborate with other travelers, and reflect on and share their experiences. We seek to provide an avenue for our community members to further their own philanthropic endeavors by utilizing the shared knowledge, skills and opportunities that we provide each other.

Global Stewards Institute: As a program of GSI, The Shellback Society exists to foster an international community comprised of alumni and socially minded individuals who will support the development of GSI and its academic, service and scholarship programs. TSS’s volunteers and community members also act as Peer-Mentors to students participating in GSI’s educational programs and post-voyage social venture projects and work programs.

For additional information visit: The Shellback Society and follow it on Twitter @theshellbacks